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From the experimental results, the obvious application for the optimized TRH is as dynamic switchable window or smart window owing to its capability of changing from transparency to opaqueness by adjusting external temperature.
To disentangle whether short sellers are trading on private information or short sellers are unusually sophisticated in predicting downgrades, we condition our tests on the opaqueness of the insurer's assets and liabilities.
And yet there are still certain basic things they usually do expect to find, such as explanatory shortcuts: either a critical text, a title, or an anecdote about the conception of the work on display that provides a hint of meaning or topicality--or, at the very least, a familiar kind of opaqueness that recurs often enough to reassure us, as viewers, that we are well-moored in the realm of contemporary art.
For the path of dialogue to succeed, opaqueness should give way to transparency.
Such opaqueness -- and incompetence -- only calcifies the deep distrust the public has in Dalieh's current owners.
He discusses the concept of learning as action, and intentions, foregrounds, and obstacles to learning math, and the opaqueness of mind, intentions, and foregrounds in learning.
We want to develop a transparent policy because opaqueness leads itself to allegations ' '
It's eerie, rhythmic, sensuous and oddly addictive – the effortless cool of The Xx mixed with Alt–J's wilful opaqueness. The most exciting debut from these shores in 2014.
"Regrettably, Rohani's moderate policies were undermined by US hard-liners who were highly distrustful of Iran's intentions; the US, not helped by Iran's opaqueness and lack of transparency, declined to engage Iran directly or provide incentives.
The opaqueness of the cloud still means just that: "I don't know how it works, but it's not my problem."
At first blush, in view of the fact that the entire peace negotiations have been conducted and finessed in Malaysia with opaqueness and secrecy, and with negotiators that leave much to be desired, the whole process, minutes, and transcripts need to be reviewed with a fine-toothed comb, openly debated, subjected to a plebiscite, and made more inclusive.
The opaqueness of the deal is perhaps one reason why the stock markets reacted negatively and Maruti's share price tanked 8% on Tuesday.