open again

See: reopen
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Ben Weatherstaff's mouth fell open again when he heard him, but he ended by chuckling.
As soon as she was in the open again she mounted her chariot, which was drawn by a fiery dragon, and flew through the air in it.
In constant pain, chained to his chair and having given up the hope of ever getting out into the open again, like a child in the hands of a woman to whom he paid wages, he clung to the world he knew.
He did not even follow her with his eyes, for his eyes were fixed on the door, which did not open again.
The doors swung open again and she was at his side.
Instantly I sprang toward it to wrench it open again, for something in the uncanny movement of the thing and the tense and almost palpable silence of the chamber seemed to portend a lurking evil lying hidden in this rock-bound chamber within the bowels of the Golden Cliffs.
Not a sound reached me while the door remained shut; but in a few seconds it came open again and Rose stood aside to let me pass.
The sentry transmitted the message to a young squire who was waiting there, and presently the door was thrown open again from without, and a voice announced:
A minute passed--it could hardly have been more--when I heard the door open again softly, and the rustling of a woman's dress on the carpet moved towards me.
The shutter was kicked open again by the Ourang-Outang as it entered the room.
THE Alton Towers roller coaster that crashed badly injuring four people might never open again, according to lawyers.
GRAEME McDOWELL has vowed to keep it in the family if he gets the chance to celebrate winning the US Open again.