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And on the launch night Radio 1's Pete Tong will be joining supersexy Miss Moneypennys to officially open Bed Ultra.
Lying in the open bed with her-- so she would not fall.
Alvarez was driving a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with cardboard moving boxes in the open bed.
The department received new funding to open bed space in county jails.
The tunnel is contained at each end by portals inclined in Egyptian manner; and these mouths are framed by concrete embankments that spread out wide to encompass the deer moat paths and open bed of the stream.
But anti-prison activists argue that, ultimately, if there's open bed space, more repressive policies will be proposed to fill those beds.
Some of the advantages of the program include a quick and easy application and sales process with promotional financing options and flexible monthly payments on Bri-Mar's line of products such as steel open bed utility trailers, car haulers, dump and tilt trailers, and accessories.
The car has a sleek body that reminds you of a dune buggy set on top of a chassis with big wheels featuring an open bed that can be extended to lengths like those in most midsize pickups.
Santa Cruz is for the growing population who sees and pursues the world differently, those who want all the traditional attributes of a small CUV, but need the day-to-day versatility of an open bed.
2) A new versatile strap has been designed to securely lock onto an open bed frame, also helping to minimize the risk of contamination that might result from spillage.
The second way is to erect the frame on a skirt or surround of paving or concrete then have a solid path up the centre for easy access and an open bed up one or both sides.
Should, however, the Dutchman nail an open bed this evening or Taylor conjure up a classically understacked 180 prepare for new levels of delirium from Sid because tonight isn't any old darts night.