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The area below the deck is a stage for an abstract sculpture, and in the open bed in front of it a large sitting figure of Pan gazes over the four descending terraces to the stream.
We think there is even a possibility for a truck-based vehicle with an open bed.
And on the launch night Radio 1's Pete Tong will be joining supersexy Miss Moneypennys to officially open Bed Ultra.
Pulling into the convenience store, which also serves as the local check station, my hunting partner and I noticed a small group of people gathered around the open bed of a pick-up.
Johnson, who also related anecdotes in place of his written testimony He spoke of having to scramble to find an open bed for a child who was brought in--blue and choking--by his mother.
Lying in the open bed with her-- so she would not fall.
Alvarez was driving a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with cardboard moving boxes in the open bed.
The department received new funding to open bed space in county jails.
The tunnel is contained at each end by portals inclined in Egyptian manner; and these mouths are framed by concrete embankments that spread out wide to encompass the deer moat paths and open bed of the stream.
But anti-prison activists argue that, ultimately, if there's open bed space, more repressive policies will be proposed to fill those beds.
Since you can lay out an open bed into any configuration of intensively planted crops, the system offers flexibility.
A storage building for 'press' sludge (15 percent dry) will stand near the front entrance for agencies that dry their sludge for open bed truck hauling.