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All patients who presented with early or late significant pericardial effusion after cardiac surgery and underwent open drainage from April 2013 to January 2016 were included.
13 Some other researchers have also recommended that open drainage should be considered after failure of simple drainage.
Although appropriate antimicrobial drugs were used, our data suggest that more aggressive treatment with open drainage of the pleural effusion might have contributed to a better outcome than closed tube thoracostomy or simple thoracocentesis alone.
A new open drainage system will enhance the wetland habitat serving as a bio-filter for storm water runoff.
The city's first project, which was completed in 2000 and uses narrow, curved streets and sidewalks with open drainage swales and a lush variety of plants and trees, has reduced overall storm water runoff from the block by 98 percent.
Thank heaven that open drainage channels, with their attendant smells and disease, have not been acceptable for many centuries.
storm drain pipe was installed in what was originally an open drainage ditch on the property later owned by plaintiff.
Aspiration or open drainage is only necessary if symptoms persist, Dr.
Open drainage ditches are filled with pungent excrement and garbage.
Permeable pavements are composed of interlocking concrete paving blocks separated by holes -- open drainage cells between otherwise solid paver stones -- that are filled with soil and gravel.
Management of the disease includes pericardiocentesis as the early life-saving intervention along with antibiotics, although the open drainage is often needed.
ECC will also be responsible for significant environmental improvements to increase drainage containment, improve fish habitat, and open drainage systems to fish passage.