open enemy

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Frankly, this man as an open enemy today could bring more harm upon us than if any neutral Power you could name were to join the Triple Alliance.
The politic captain of the Canadas had deemed it wiser to submit to entertain a passive friend, than by any acts of ill-judged severity to convert him into an open enemy.
Diomed looked sternly at him and answered, "Think not, Dolon, for all the good information you have given us, that you shall escape now you are in our hands, for if we ransom you or let you go, you will come some second time to the ships of the Achaeans either as a spy or as an open enemy, but if I kill you and an end of you, you will give no more trouble.
But he was the great opponent of the tale-bearing habits of the school, and the open enemy of the ushers; and so worthy of all support.
He said that terrorists were an open enemy of the humanity and the ones playing with innocent lives deserved no leniency.
This week is one of excess and you are at the heart of it, or rather you and your other half, best mate or open enemy.
KARACHI -- The elements targeting mosques, schools, Imambargah, children and women are open enemy of Islam, said the prominent Jihadi leader and supreme commander of Hizbul Mujahideen here on Friday.
KARACHI -- The supreme commander Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Salahuddin has made it clear that those who targeted mosques, schools, imambargahs, children and women are the open enemy of Pakistan and Islam, adding that Moudi led government in India wants to eliminate the Islamic identity of Kashmiris.
And even a squish on guns (which Romney really isn't) would be an improvement over someone like Obama, who is not a squish at all, but an open enemy.
is an open enemy of Islam and Pakistan, adding that the present government has reinforced the U.
President Isaias afwerki underlined that the Eritrean people s persistent resistance against open enemy conspiracies since independence is the raison d E[logical not]tre of their victory.
In fact, if you're looking for a silver lining in the dark cloud of the recent American election, consider this: with the US under Bush coming out as an open enemy of the climate negotiations (as it just did at December's climate conference in Buenos Aires) the Europeans and the developing world just might face the fact that they have to go on alone, and try to negotiate a meaningful next-generation climate deal, one that might actually work.