open fire

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In his notes after the incident, the accused had written: "As a result of intelligence and the behaviour and movements of the rear seat passenger, I believed that he was about to open fire with a fully automatic weapon.
BAALBEK, Lebanon: A patient, angry that a doctor tried to shave his body hair to perform an operation, called his friends to open fire on a Baalbek hospital, sources said.
Elite force in-charge Abdur Rauf stated before the JIT that Khan compelled police men on the scene to open fire on the Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT) demonstrators and target their legs which resulted bloodshed of around dozen protestors and injuring around 80.
Nobody asked us to open fire and nobody will open fire" on the people, said Tantawy, who took over power from Mubarak for whom he served as defense minister until his fall on February 11 in the face of nationwide protests.
Nigel Young, from the fire service, said: With the recent cold weather, we have seen a big increase in the number of householders using coal and open fires.
A modern woodburning stove uses 80 per cent fewer logs than an open fire and will give out more heat, burning at 600[bar]C, compared to about 270[bar]C for an open fire.
The CRPF spokesperson said the jawans were forced to open fire as the mob attacked their camp.
The heat of an open fire spread around the house via the chimney breast causing less dampness, which a lot of houses have suffered since blocking their fires up.
Station Manager Carl Boasman said: "Carbon monoxide - the silent killer - is present when fuel is burned on an open fire, or in a gas appliance.