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1,3 In the current multivariable regression analysis, we found that postoperative wound infections were significantly associated with HIV clinical category, CD4+ T-lymphocyte category and open fracture, which was consistent with Abalo's conclusion, because the wounds may be contaminated in most open fractures.
Open fractures and bilateral fractures were not included.
Twenty five percent of tibial fractures are open fractures.
In September 2014, a 26-year-old male soldier from the Department of Meta in central Colombia was admitted to a primary medical unit for treatment of an open fracture of the right femur after a traffic accident.
TO TREAT AN OPEN FRACTURE If possible, get a helper to steady and support the injured area while you work.
Reddy was left with a broken right wrist and several open fractures on his left arm after he was hit by the car in February.
His head had hit the windscreen and he had an open fracture to his right leg.
A culture sample was considered contamination when collected in the first debridement of an open fracture.
Although the rate of developing compartment syndrome after an open fracture is low, quoted at 9.
Williams sustained a compound double open fracture to his left arm and a fracture to the other arm when Beshabar was brought down at Cheltenham's Open meeting in 2010.