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SURGERY, med. jur. That part of the healing art which relates to external diseases; their treatment; and, specially, to the manual operations adopted for their cure.
     2. Every lawyer should have some acquaintance with surgery; his knowledge on this subject will be found useful in cases of homicide and wounds.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dr Safia Al-Khaja, director-general of Al Qassimi Hospital for Women and Children, reiterated that the hospital's new service will underpin the level of services the ministry is offering to residents of Sharjah and northern emirates, adding that paediatric open heart surgery service was first made available in January 2019 through the visiting consultant programme.
Management of this type of heart issue is generally done by surgical correction, open heart surgery. But non-surgical intervention is being practised as a safe alternative in India in the last two years, too.
"With the launch of Open Heart Surgery at DLSMC, the hospital is providing options for all CVD patients," explained Dr.
MNA Syed Naveed Qamar cited provision for open heart surgery and pediatric cardiac ward a good omen for residents of Tando Mohammad Khan and adjoining areas.
Baby Alba Butler had to undergo surgery at just hours old and a nine-hour open heart surgery when she was eight days old after being born with a 'back to front' heart
..A birth defect means four-anda-half-month old Peggy will die without open heart surgery ARK ANGELS
This came after the positive results achieved by Al-Balsam in the successful treatment of heart patients in Yemen (Mukalla) during May and its conducting many heart surgeries for some patients in need, including (12) open heart surgery and (125) catheterization for adults and adults.
BAHAWALPUR -- First open heart surgery was successfully underwent at newly established Cardiology Complex of Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BHV) Bahawalpur Friday.
BAHAWALPUR -- The first open heart surgery has been carried out at the newly-established cardiology complex of the Bahawal Victoria Hospital.
Pure Energy Gary Valenciano is on his way to recovery after his successful open heart surgery and his celebrity friends are cheering for his fast recuperation and stage comeback.
Method: The prospective, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind comparative study was conducted from March 2013 to September 2015 at Rehmatul-lil-Alameen Institute of Cardiology, Punjab Employees Social Security Institution, Lahore, and comprised patients scheduled for primary isolated elective or urgent open heart surgery. The subjects were divided into two equal groups.
They informed their girl is suffering from congenital heart disease that needs open heart surgery in India.