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Our data show the substantial genetic heterogeneity in the ADH population from the Valencian Community and support the value of the strategy followed to identify LDLR and APOB variant genes in open populations.
One widely used model, the Jolly-Seber model for open populations (Seber 1982), is widely used to estimate mortality in populations of animals; however, this model is unable to distinguish between emigration and mortality without additional information (Pollock 1991, Peter 2001).
In a previous study we explored the feasibility of several approaches to estimate survival in Florida manatees, including modifications of the Cormack-JollySeber (CJS) open population model based on markrecapture data (O'Shea and Langtimm 1995).
Dolphins observed in the Galveston Ship Channel appear to be part of an open population with no pronounced changes in the population size.
Six simulation models nicely demonstrate how open population structure can stabilize abundances even in the absence of density-dependent regulation.
o] which assumes capture probabilities are constant) and JOLLY (model A which allows capture and survival probabilities to vary over sampling periods) to obtain closed and open population model estimates, respectively, of abundance calculated from mark-recapture data (see Otis et al.
Coral reef fishes range in spawning patterns (Thresher 1984); their recruitment patterns also display complexity and do not always overlap with spawning patterns (Robertson 1990), thereby reinforcing the potential for open population structure.
The Jolly-Seber and related models provide estimates of open population size, not of densities (Pollock et al.
Panopea zelandica has open populations, and larvae are known to have a larval duration of up to 12 days (Gribben & Hay 2003).