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"You don't want to ever break off a tap in the open position!" ft
Open positions this round will represent cotton producers from Arkansas, California/Nevada, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas.
Three candidates - Nevin Beckes, Jerry Settelmeyer and Ben Price - are competing for an open position. Current board member Joe Raade, who is a South Lane County Fire & Rescue division chief, is not seeking re-election.
A bank's net open position is its aggregate exposure to foreign exchange risk.
The written instructions for this task correctly state that the valve must be in the open position. However, because the artwork is wrong, some users have mistakenly placed the valve in the closed position, damaging the boom winch.
For non-bank trading members, the gross open position limit is 15 percent of total open interest or USD50m whichever is higher, up from 15 percent of total open interest or USD25 million previously.
Maybe you have an open position that you want qualified ACTE members to apply for.
The heating platen on the movable traverse is at operator height, and its open position is constant, whatever the mold thickness.
Most left-hand figures are in open position sometimes ranging over a tenth.
Effective April 1, Lars DeSalvio was promoted to the director level (Director of IT and Web Services), with both the Website/IT Manager (currently an open position) and the Web Support Specialist (Lisa) reporting to him.
In an effort to preempt this problem, Rocky Mountain Snypers were designed so that upon entry, the tip enters the target as the outer layer of the target pushes the blades back into their full, open position. As the head enters, the blades begin cutting immediately and are in the open position when they enter causing a large entry wound and reducing the chance of a glancing hit.
The RM-KB-LCD15 comprises a ps/2 keyboard with integrated touchpad and a 15-inch LCD active matrix monitor that can remain in the open position for system monitoring even when the keyboard is closed.