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Open Shop

A business in which union and nonunion workers are employed. A business in which union membership is not a condition of securing or maintaining employment.

The term open shop is frequently used to imply that the operator of this type of shop is, in effect, exercising discrimination against trade unions and hampering their advancement through the employment of nonunion employees.


Labor Union.

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"Favouritism has led to bad things across the country, and by allowing people to open shops in their homes we are encouraging wrongdoing."
Like project labor agreements, which in the name of ensuring "labor peace" effectively exclude open shops and thus make bidding less competitive, Worcester's REO prevents taxpayers from getting the most bang for the buck in construction projects.
Caffe Latino has premises in Huddersfield and Harrogate - and plans to open shops in Doncaster, Leeds, York and Sheffield.
SO, Tesco are planning to open shops that don't sell food.
In 1970, only 30 percent of the country's contracting firms were open shops; by 1987 they had taken over 70 percent of the marketplace, according to the Associated Builders and Contractors.
The Jewish community would open shops from Sunday to Friday and then shut down for business around mid-day as the week entered "sabath" or Saturday.
To move the merchandise, vendors will need to open shops and hire people to staff the shops.