open the mind

See: disabuse
References in classic literature ?
For when you looked into my mother's eyes you knew, as if He had told you, why God sent her into the world - it was to open the minds of all who looked to beautiful thoughts.
Education and culture, Mr Owen, open the mind to wider perspectives, experiences and points of view, reducing thus the perils of the narrow vision of the philistine.
For both the serious professional writer and the creative personal journalist, Writing Open The Mind could be just what the writing workshop doctor ordered.
Written in terse Aussie slang-riddled prose reminiscent of beat poetry, Ranulfo cracks open the mind of every adolescent to let us hear the fiery pain and confusion that painfully forge the seeds of wisdom.
Films are like windows that open the minds and hearts of audiences,' he asserted.
I am thrilled that you've included these articles in this issue of your magazine, and I pray that they will open the minds and soften the hearts of many who read them.
I think it's important to open the minds of other people with this kind of subject," she says.
Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean and great fall weather created a perfect backdrop for several expert speakers to open the minds of the attenders not only to learn about communication.
Depressing as this account is, it will be valuable if such a serving officer's review of the Army Concept and its failure in Vietnam can open the minds of new officers and their civilian chiefs to the need to design our strategies to meet the real enemies we may face.