open to criticism

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NADIA FORDE ON HER SUCESSYou are open to criticism and you need to be prepared NAME SURNAME when and where ghghg
support, the IMF could leave itself open to criticism from the U.
He said that the Ministry is open to criticism, provided that it is constructive and following the correct channels.
He has also become a public figure, someone who is open to criticism and barbs.
It's not a game where you test players and in any case it leaves you open to criticism.
The opposition announces that Sorensen should be careful with the Government relations, which is not that open to criticism while VMRO-DPMNE says it is open for suggestions from the new European ambassador.
Gray and Keys were in well-paid pundit positions, open to criticism for the way they perform their duties (not because they are men), who should know better.
Sir George Young, the Leader of the House, suggested Labour-led councils might also be open to criticism about the way they spent money.
But with the growing national debt set to feature heavily in the elections, officials fear that increasing government spending will leave Obama open to criticism of spending beyond the country's means.
The supreme leader urged the government to have its "ears open to criticism.
Your tenure may be no longer than five years and while you are there every move you make, every thing you do in your professional and personal life is open to criticism and comment from all and sundry.
AMIR KHAN put himself in line for a world title shot when beating Marco Antonio Barrera on Saturday night - but bookmakers left themselves open to criticism after the technical decision verdict had them reaching for their rule books, writes Phil Agius.