open to debate

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Whether the people of our region are high on his list of priorites is open to debate.
THE RSS has hit back at Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for his outburst against revoking of Article 370, but the saffron ideological fountainhead has softened its stand on granting special status to the state by claiming it was open to debate.
If he has any intelligence at all - and that is open to debate - he will sit in the stand from now on.
Whether the duo will be in the same team next season is still to open to debate, although Lopez does not believe that will be the case.
Dawn Approach and Camelot occupy the first two spots in the market, but whether either horse has this race on their radar is open to debate.
The latest push to find what's left of Sir John Franklin's Arctic expedition is inspired by politics as much as it is by the desire to discover a piece of history, even if the link between Franklin's wrecks and Canadian sovereignty in the Arctic is open to debate.
It's open to debate whether The Specials - who spearheaded the Two Tone ska revival in the 80s - done too much, much too young.
The question of whether the majority wish to see the Assembly gain more powers is of course open to debate.
However the word 'pleasure' is open to debate because, to get the best of the sport, you need to fish the tide in the small hours of the morning.
Why he never seems to produce the form for Everton that he does for the national team is open to debate.
The proposition that our bloated national security apparatus has made us more secure is open to debate, if not to outright derision.