open to discussion

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Opponents said sleep apnea has never been cited as a factor in general-aviation accidents, and the rule should be open to discussion instead of imposed unilaterally.
NNA - "Future" Bloc reiterated that it does not hold fast to any particular electoral law, but rather open to discussion of any formula in this regard.
President Obama's recent statement about a chemical weapons "red line" is just the West's pretext for intervention, Syria's Deputy PM has said, also stating that Bashar Assad's resignation is open to discussion.
Interior Minister Besir Atalay said that the official language, flag and unitary structure were not open to discussion.
25 (ANI): Israel is open to discussion on the final borders with Palestine, but the country will surely not return to the line of 1967, Israeli Intelligence Affairs Minister Dan Meridor has said.
The Campaign to Protect Rural England said that under the proposed planning rules, the site of a nuclear plant will be decided at national level and not be open to discussion at a public inquiry.
During Snow's visit, he met with China's central bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan, who said that he was open to discussion on a tie to more than one currency in China.
Erbach quite humbly says that he hopes that people like it, or are at least open to discussion if they don't.
A new institutional standard lease is offered, with rental terms open to discussion.
How we deal with it however, is open to discussion.
In Canadian culture, he notes, "any form of exclusion is seen as discrimination" and there is "a common view that all matters are open to discussion.
Asked if he thought Anglicans in those areas would accept such a co-operative approach, the archbishop said he thought they would "be open to discussion on the basis that we're not compromising the Christian faith.