open to dispute

See: debatable
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Whether it actually accomplishes that goal is open to dispute, but the sentiment is certainly appealing.
Literary effort is notoriously open to dispute but Dr McGibbon's is the only complaint made so far.
The Revilla camp considered these veracity of these testimonies still open to dispute and not yet 'removed from the field of controversy.
While the overall conception may be questionable, and many points of detail are open to dispute, anyone studying Thomas Mann will want to consult this book often, and will learn much by doing so.
And as always, those ad spend figures that are available are always open to dispute.
What is not open to dispute is that a week after my trip ended, the number of the credit card that I had used for shopping in Beijing was used to make purchases at a Chinese supermarket in New York City.
He is open to dispute as well, he has his own little committee and you can voice your argument if you think you were late for a good enough reason, but usually his final word rules.
However, in his latest book, How I Stopped Being a Jew, published last year in Israel and now published in the UK, he addresses anomalies in the picture Israel has presented to the world that are not open to dispute.
IBAS boss Richard Hayler told us: "The practice of correcting erroneous odds is well used but it's open to dispute and degrees of error.
Reminding yet again that Bulgarians were in the dark about what they were actually being asked, he also suggested that the claim that nuclear energy was cheap was open to dispute.
Manager of Alcohol Concern Cymru Andrew Misell said: "The figures in this report are open to dispute.
The Lebanon-Syria border is open to dispute in a number of locations and the delineation of the border on Lebanese and Syrian military maps differs considerably in several places.