open to doubt

References in classic literature ?
The fourth is its fondness for bathing-machines, Which is constantly carries about, And believes that they add to the beauty of scenes-- A sentiment open to doubt.
An unequal fight it seemed to most; but there were a few, and they the most experienced, who saw something in the youth's steady gray eye and wary step which left the issue open to doubt.
It is open to doubt if the exponential price rise is informed by the market forces.
Whether she'd have been up to challening the impressive winner Henri Parry Morgan is open to doubt, but she never got the chance as she was badly hampered by a faller and unseated before halfway.
The fact is Rovers are going to finish ninth or tenth going into the split and whether they think the distinction between those two places is worth busting a gut for has to be open to doubt.
e intention to continue unabated with further cuts will hurt the people at the bottom of the pile and the claims made that they have been instrumental to some recovery is open to doubt.
LIGUE THE Cardiff City futures of captain Mark Hudson and Juan Cala are open to doubt with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer poised to sign an international centre-back before the transfer window closes.
Whether that changes anything today is open to doubt, but by next year's World Cup in England it just might.
Al Sissi's decision "to put forward his candidacy or not is a personal decision which he himself will take before the great Egyptian people, no one else, in clear direct words which will not be open to doubt or interpretation," Ali adds.
Valencia could now look to former Athletic Club Bilbao coach, Marcelo Bielsa, although whether or not Bielsa would be tempted to join a club in financial and organizational turmoil is open to doubt.
Whether Rutherford was better equipped for these championships is open to doubt.
Whether the climax is historically accurate is open to doubt.