open to objection

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As a place of reference--mentioned in the capital city of England--Canada, there is no denying it, is open to objection on the ground of distance.
There is another reason also for postulating certain latitude for the Court, on grounds of policy or propriety, to decline in limine to entertain claims that it might be competent to go into, and which might not be open to objection on grounds of straight inadmissibility.
Lord Phillips, President of the Court, said the question of admissions policies extended to other Jewish faith schools and the result of the case risked upsetting a policy of admission that over many years had not been considered open to objection.
It will often be open to objection for a number of reasons.
All proposed changes are open to objection and it's expected that people may want to inspect the details at the DoE's HQ.
In many years of reviewing scholarly books, I do not think I have dealt with any that I found more enlightening and less open to objection on any notable count.
Keathley's approach is certainly riskier and more open to objections than the typical academic work, but his spirited and passionate reconsideration of film historiography proves that the risk is well worth taking.
The decision to close The Hayes to traffic was part of a public inquiry, which was open to objections in May last year.
On a more fundamental level, assertions that international society is becoming or has become a world community are open to objections on three levels.