open to question

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And that he did entirely disguise it from the keen and suspicious eyes of Achmet Zek is open to question.
It is open to question that Numa, the lion, understood him; but he did understand the menace of the heavy spear that the Tarmangani carried so ready in his brown, right hand, and so he drew back, growling, trying to decide in his little brain whether to charge or flee.
That he would have become one of the great English poets, however, is much more open to question.
Before taking his place at table, D'Artagnan acquired, as was his custom, all the information he could; but it is an axiom of curiosity, that every man who wishes to question well and fruitfully ought in the first place to lay himself open to questions.
Anthony Bromley - who purchased the horse from France - has suggested that he is a big animal who is much more likely to make an impact as a chaser next season and it's also open to question what his French form is worth as, although he won an Auteuil hurdle by 15 lengths in June, he was left clear by the fall of Catmoves and that horse has been well-beaten on several occasions since.
Whether a charity has the fight to return a gift, especially after a tax donation has been claimed, is still open to question.
This subtropical plant gains in popularity from year to year even though its durability is open to question.
The harsh warning was flashed as Cllr Cunningham takes part in the Gazette's Open to Question debate on the controversial Billingham Gateway Scheme.
What Lord Buddha might make of the Naturopathica Sumatra Coconut Body Polish, one of the tantalizing treatments on offer, is open to question, but a place that seeks to restore the equilibrium of jaded city dwellers must surely be one small step on the path to enlightenment.
Thus to establish a separate context of "Milton among the Romans" and to examine his educational philosophy without considering the totality of the curriculum for that six-year period are strategies that are open to question.
However, elevated concentrations of cadmium in urine can also be caused by renal dysfunction, and this potentially confounding factor has left open to question any results that imply a direct causal link between cadmium exposure and adverse kidney and bone effects.
Subject to the analysis of ethicists such as those at the Notre Dame conference, the reasoning of the pope's moral teaching can be open to question, but in the end the significance of a culture of life may be less the depth of John Paul II's philosophy and more his call to a serious moral life in ethically uncertain times.