open to question

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The Wolverhampton race was won in a slow time and I think it quite possible that all five of his rivals simply ran below their best so just what he achieved has to be open to question.
Over the next two days we will publish the councillor's in-depth answers to a wide selection of questions, chosen from hundreds sent in for the Open to Question debate.
Send your questions by December 19 to Lang - Open To Question, Evening Gazette, Borough Road, Middlesbrough TS1 3AZ.
One can quarrel with some of the writer's value judgments, these, with most remarks of that genre, ever open to question.
Until then, Fox considers LeShan's argument "provocative" but open to question.
The Gazette has put local people in touch with the region's main movers and shakers through its Open to Question series - putting readers' questions to the people in charge.
Teplin said that while she welcomed the Justice Department count, it was open to question because the study relied on reports by the inmates themselves, who were asked whether they had a mental condition or had ever received treatment for a mental problem.
Readers are still being urged to quiz Cleveland's new police chief as part of the Gazette's Open to Question series.
Readers can still quiz Cleveland's new police chief as part of the Gazette's Open to Question series.
Following statements by management, the call will be open to questions.
com will be open to questions and discussion for patients and professionals to share information regarding the causes and treatment of common heel disorders.
The first part of the event will focus on Kendall-Jackson's winemaking philosophy and the latter half will be open to questions from on-line participants.