open to question

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And that he did entirely disguise it from the keen and suspicious eyes of Achmet Zek is open to question. However, the decision reached, the Arab and his lieutenant discussed the details of their forthcoming ventures for a short time further, when Werper made his excuses and returned to his own tent for the comforts and luxury of a long-desired bath and shave.
It is open to question that Numa, the lion, understood him; but he did understand the menace of the heavy spear that the Tarmangani carried so ready in his brown, right hand, and so he drew back, growling, trying to decide in his little brain whether to charge or flee.
That he might have achieved much is suggested by the evidences of real genius in his boyish output, which probably justify Wordsworth's description, of him as 'the marvelous boy.' That he would have become one of the great English poets, however, is much more open to question.
Whether it improved her heart might be a matter of taste that was open to question; but as touching another matter of taste, its improvement of her appearance and manner, there could be no question whatever.
Before taking his place at table, D'Artagnan acquired, as was his custom, all the information he could; but it is an axiom of curiosity, that every man who wishes to question well and fruitfully ought in the first place to lay himself open to questions. D'Artagnan sought, then, with his usual skill, a promising questioner in the hostelry of La Roche-Bernard.
Why our respective constituencies were roped into Cardiff in the first place, is open to question? We would be better served under Rhondda Cynon Taf Council, who have a waste recycling depot just down the road from us, Treforest Industrial Trading Estate.
The legitimacy of future elections results will be open to question."
The opposition's many factions have been unable to agree to attend, however, and even if they do, their ability to impose any solution is open to question.
Anthony Bromley - who purchased the horse from France - has suggested that he is a big animal who is much more likely to make an impact as a chaser next season and it's also open to question what his French form is worth as, although he won an Auteuil hurdle by 15 lengths in June, he was left clear by the fall of Catmoves and that horse has been well-beaten on several occasions since.
Whether this Government is prepared to give us the necessary resources to implement this kind of policy is certainly open to question - particularly given the current state of our finances.
Whether Robinho's name could crop up in connection with Mancini's attempts to sign Balotelli is open to question.
Just how many real women will be able - or would want - to wear the outfits worn by the painfully stick-thin catwalk girls at New York Fashion Week is open to question.