open to suggestions

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THE BBC has left itself open to suggestions of bias by including footballer Lucy Bronze ahead of cricketer Joe Root in the Sports Personality of the Year awards.
The Trust is very open to suggestions in regards to a variety of models that could be proposed, both in terms of clinical, operational, financial and contractual options and the overarching commercial model to be adopted.
Al Murar said the municipality is open to suggestions from the public.
Be open to suggestions and advice from others who are already doing what you're trying to do.
Ensour affirmed that the government is open to suggestions and recommendations by lawmakers and even former health ministers to upgrade the national healthcare sector.
Currently the venue remains undecided and Lesley Wright, festival director, is open to suggestions.
Following the announcement, Nicolaou said that the title could be changed to Commissioner for Personal Data Protection and Information but that his ministry was open to suggestions.
They fear it leaves them open to suggestions they can have their cake and eat it.
The government is open to suggestions on how to improve the blueprint until submission day and we are listening to all feedback.
Nour further discussed the new consumer protection law, noting that the law is open to suggestions from all manufacturers, producers and consumers.
The new owners have said that they are open to suggestions from the local community.
Elvan said Boeing is open to suggestions from the Turkish side about cooperation and went on, "Our Defense Ministry undersecretary and the general managers of the [Turkish companies] Havelsan and TUSAE[currency] will meet with them.