open to various interpretations

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However, what constitutes the establishment is not a straightforward matter and is open to various interpretations.
Ayad said that the concept of "connection for the purpose of eventual marriage" is vague and open to various interpretations.
In both cases, any role played by the army is open to various interpretations that fall within the political arena rather than the arena of military professionalism.
Romero himself is more of a free-ranging anti-authoritarian than a formal leftist, and his monsters, partly because they've been divorced from any kind of ethical or supernatural meaning, are open to various interpretations.
In both cases it is clear that both are open to various interpretations, which may clarify why some articles in this valuable collection make almost no use of archaeological data.
The text of the resolution is open to various interpretations.
It doesn't help, he and Cosgrove note, that the science used to support actions under ESA is complex and often open to various interpretations.
The rules, like biblical texts, are so open to various interpretations, that the bunch on duty on any given day will always be able to interpret them more or less according to their mood and their own imperfect opinions.
THE predictions of Nostradamus are open to various interpretations.
There are probably three basic types of international standards, although the word probably indicates that this division is not rigid and that the types are open to various interpretations.
Though the believer might be willing to acknowledge that his or her sacred text is open to various interpretations, the text itself is never questioned.