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If the conversion is approved by shareholders and consummated, shareholders of FTT would become shareholders of the new open-end mutual fund and would be permitted to redeem their shares of the new open-end mutual fund at net asset value, subject to a one percent redemption fee for the first six months after the consummation of the conversion.
KSE Meezan Index Fund (KMIF) is Pakistan's first Sharia'h compliant open-end index tracker Fund.
They provide open-end disclosures for open-end subaccounts and closed-end disclosures for closed-end subaccounts.
Zoukis argued that the open-end fund model is inherently ill suited for real estate investments, whose returns typically can be realized only after a hold period of at least a few years.
Unlike open-end funds, closed-ends don't issue and redeem shares on a continuous basis.
For information regarding the Open-end Fund, or to receive a free copy of a prospectus/proxy statement relating to the proposed Acquisition once a registration statement relating to the proposed Acquisition has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and becomes effective, please call the telephone number of the proxy solicitor or visit its website, details of which may be obtained, when available, by contacting columbiamanagement.
The company said that it does not expect the open end fund's investment strategy and portfolio management team to change, but its shares will cease to trade on the New York Stock Exchange upon conversion; however thereafter additional shares may be bought from the open-end fund and redeemed at the stockholders' option at net asset value on a daily basis, subject to the terms of the registration statement for the open-end fund.
In 2007, the Federal Reserve Board began its periodic review of the open-end rules.
Typically, if the materials to be baled will all be fiber grades, the open-end baler can be ideal because they offer a continual extrusion bale type, which is often the most productive type of baler.
Open-end credit generally refers to a revolving line of credit (such as a credit card account) where repeated transactions are expected, the available credit is replenished as unpaid balances are repaid, and finance charges are assessed on unpaid balances.
a Chicago-based research company, reports that at least 15 open-end mutual funds have taken new positions in South African securities.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 27, 2010-Putnam Fundsa[euro](tm) trustees declare distribution for open-end funds(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.