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Parents can establish time periods for children to be engaged in open-ended play that is child-led and -centered.
It is proposed that the new open-ended fund company vehicle will be established under the Securities & Futures Ordinance and be regulated and supervised by the Securities & Futures Commission.
24, 2010 and postponed the open-ended strike that was set to begin on Oct.
An important aspect of open-ended problem photos is that they create a curiosity in the students and a desire to explore possible solutions.
An open-ended prompt can cut that exposure and do so in a way that's far more conversational than traditional modes.
examination of the barriers to cross-border development of open-ended real estate funds
The desire to study larger groups led researchers to develop more structured open-ended questionnaires.
Traditional teaching about interviewing says that it's best to begin with open-ended questions rather than close-ended, short questions," he said.
Only lunchroom, bathrooms, and the open-ended choice received little attention (comprised less than 1%).
Campers also replied to the open-ended statement regarding "when camp ended I felt.
Although Lieber's team also studied an open-ended nanotube, it saw a localized pattern of oscillations that died off with distance.
Average administrative costs for PPOs were $17 per employee per month, compared with $25 on average for an open-ended HMO.