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Toys and materials that promote open-ended play, creativity, and problem solving are best for facilitating child-led, creative play.
An open-ended problem picture is a photograph of an object, scene or activity that is accompanied by one or more open-ended mathematical word problems based on the context of the photo.
Students classified as dualists by Perry's scheme were better able to contribute to class discussions when guided by scenarios rather than completely open-ended class discussions, because the scenarios provided more structure (Grossman, 1994).
In fact, 70% of the student responses were positive to the open-ended question, "What will middle school be like?
This dynamic, open-ended vision does not fit easily with the technocratic models that dominate the political world.
In open-ended answers, others said that communication must ultimately add value and that the profession must prove that communication adds to the bottom line.
BEIRUT: Electricite Du Liban workers were set to announce Tuesday the suspension of their call for an open-ended strike.
The third section consisted of two selected-response and six open-ended questions focusing on student study habits.
Drawing on Minimalism's dogmatic monumentality, Wheeler eschews its macho "thereness," extending its project in order to engage, even seduce, the spectator: his installations have a corporeal quality and present open-ended narratives that can only be completed by the gallery-goer.
IntelliMetric is the world's most accurate essay scoring engine, using a rich blend of artificial intelligence (AI) and the digitization of human expertise to accurately score and assess examinee responses to open-ended essay questions in a range of subjects.
This is because shareholders in The Aida Open-Ended Fund Limited are able to elect to move to a redeeming shares class at net asset value and realise their shareholdings in cash as the underlying assets are realised over time.
Innergex II Income Fund ("Innergex II") is a private open-ended trust that was created in 2001 to build, own and operate hydroelectric power plants and wind farms in North America.