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101) (For purposes of classifying this animal in my lap as a cat, for instance, it is important to focus on certain of the entity's characteristics and not others, but to acknowledge the concept's open-endedness is, in part, to remind oneself that every cat--each unit of the concept "cat"--is all that it is, encompassing those features that set it off as a cat as well as those features that do not.
All its developments were conducted using object technologies with short, iterative development cycles to ensure a high level of open-endedness and integration of the interface and the MySPIE server system.
If a foundation in the cultural or academic sphere is prepared to practice a proper scientific open-endedness in seeking the truth through research on mission and is prepared to follow our Christian-humanist option for the poor and voiceless, there is a sound basis for cooperation
However, it is a strategy of the open-endedness of Bar-Lev's film that we his audience never get to see that film, so our doubt remains.
In relation to this radical open-endedness the contemporary mindset is orientated to the philosophical view that there is a "plasticity and constant change of reality and knowledge" (10).
Meaningful choice, collegiality, open-endedness, and communication all must be valued consistently when developing and supporting the practice of differentiated instruction.
In doing so, it seeks instances of, in turn, genre blending, intertextuality, novelization, open-endedness, carnival, chronotope, and character zone.
Growth is good, more is better, you can have it all, no payments for 18 months--all of these communicate an open-endedness to life that does not accord with the limits of the physical world around us, limits that the Second Law insists on.
We may refuse to acknowledge the open-endedness of our commitments and imagine that, with only a little more effort or a small increase in efficiency, we could meet the expectations that we have allowed to be thrust upon us.
We leave you with more questions than answers because those who engage in this transformational process will likely have to embrace the open-endedness and questioning associated with the lifelong journey that becoming a senior leader involves.
This astounding remark, coming from a uniformed officer who sends American uniformed men and women into harm's way, underlines the open-endedness of the conflict and implies an increased level of U.
In light of his introductory arguments about the open-endedness and breadth of the extra-parliamentary activity, on the other hand, Thomas presents a surprisingly focused and narrowly drawn picture.