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Following a fleeting recognition of a bowl or vessel-form, there is poignancy to the open-endedness of Aberg's intention.
Yet the open-endedness of the process and the parameters of failure are determined by the negotiating process itself: Turkey's compliance with EU conditions.
A balance of direction with minimum requirements and open-endedness to allow for individual thought and creativity are vital.
In the same way as Pynchon, Auster creates fluid subjectivities and multiple identities at the narrative level and accepts chance, coincidence, and open-endedness at the metaphysical level.
None of them form complete narratives, and nearly all of them end abruptly, just as they seem to be starting--but in Cain's hands, such open-endedness quickly becomes a strength.
This work can disrupt the traditional thesis and has produced discontinuous narratives, a refusal of closure, and creates an open-endedness, a multi-vocality, and a non-linearity in an attempt to disrupt the essay.
Rather than advocating an art historical or critical position, the journal's strength has been its open-endedness, including its refusal to take sides in the internecine conflicts that have plagued the feminist movement.
The journal is not wedded to a particular approach, methodology, or translation issue (apart from its partiality to poetry): its exploratory open-endedness is its trademark and its greatest strength.
Thus, tikkun for him implies "(1) the recovery of Jewish tradition; (2) the recovery from an illness"; and (3) a commitment to a certain open-endedness in both endeavors.
Art therapist Linda Gantt (2000) argues that even with structured and systematic models all clinicians may not see the same thing because of the open-endedness of creative processes.
His adoption of Schonberg's twelve-tone system ensures that all the notes are equal in value, and removes the need for a final resolution, guaranteeing the open-endedness of the system.
In a way, Tilley avoids the controversy of appropriation of voice through such open-endedness.