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Journalists go racing for free, have private viewing, exclusive facilities and enjoy the open-handed hospitality of their hosts throughout the day.
In this connection FPCCI has planned to help these victims and demanded open-handed contributions from philanthropists and business community to help these needy people for their rehabilitation.
Passing through the doors, you find yourself standing above the corner of a sunken and diagonally oriented square patio as the two walls, now seen as extending upwards from the patio's two closest sides, form a gigantic gesture of open-handed offering.
In a world where bosses tend to be regarded as Scrooges, it's refreshing to hear a tale of such open-handed generosity.
In Per Hasselberg's installation OPTION, 2005, a video projected onto shards of gypsum board leaning against a wall, shows a droning, aged Swede--Bengt Goransson, who was a politician in the Olof Palme government--unfold with sweet irony the open-handed Swedish identity that ingenuously fueled Malmo's predicament with diversity.
The old saying is that ``if your hands are tightly grasping your possessions, you cannot be open-handed in your giving.
For years, his name was synonymous with booming business, open-handed charity and splashy living.
The district court granted summary judgment for the defendants, finding that a corrections officers alleged open-handed slap of the detainee after an altercation was de minimis where the detainee suffered no physical injury.
If a child misbehaves after timeouts and a withdrawal of privileges, backing it up with an open-handed swat to the buttocks is appropriate.
We as a country and people are far too open-handed with others.
Unfortunately, the track soon became notorious for violence and robbery, and was also the place to go if you wanted to get in without paying, as the race committee were very open-handed when it came to issuing free tickets.
The wrestlers, in standard Mexican wrestling garb with masks, tights and bared barrel-chests, roam through the crowd throwing chairs at each other, swapping headlocks and trading loud but ineffectual open-handed blows.