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Nisbet was not at all surprised that there was a lack of change in most people's views on the issue, but there was an interesting interaction in which open-minded people became more supportive of government intervention--if they saw videos both for and against intervention,
Thus the Republican brain hypothesis would predict that right-wing subjects would be more inclined to see the cognitive reflection test as valid when told it suggests that climate-change skeptics are more open-minded.
Open-minded leaders find ways to deal with unexpected situations.
The letter also urged Obama to be open-minded in dealing with the Gaza Strip rulers.
Our hope is that they, and others like them, will benefit from an open-minded review by admissions readers who will see the positive energy and strength of character they will bring to campus.
C, is a great place, it's very open-minded and really a for of fun.
Though the reader may not agree with Carlin's arguments, it greatly behooves open-minded thinkers of all faiths to contemplate them at length, and evaluate what personal values are embraced through voting for a specific candidate, and what it truly means to be a Democrat.
A gigantic wave of euphoria has been swamping through a country that has barely been perceived as a fun-loving, open-minded melting pot.
Climb Every Obstacle is very strongly recommended for all readers not quite happy with themselves and looking to become a more worthy, open-minded, and favorable person with an enhanced appreciation of what life has to offer them.
During his 9 years there, his open-minded, non-paternalistic view of the Inuit people led him to be welcomed into their culture.
His extensive reading is eclectic and his reasoning very open-minded.
HGK's operations have expanded considerably and, as its lease expiration approached, the firm took an open-minded look at what location would best suit its current and future needs," he said.