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I think a lot of people would expect seeing both the pro and con videos would leave viewers unchanged in their views, because the messages would cancel each other out, but that wasn't true for open-minded people.
Another distinguishing characteristic of an open-minded leader is how he deals with ambiguity and uncertainty.
It is more important the people realise we are an open-minded and tolerant country which happily welcomes foreign visitors.
So where does an open-minded and intelligent economist end up after having studied the Georgian economic transformation?
It is also for any open-minded reader of any race, who is already sold on the all-encompassing nature of Christianity.
And lastly, I will have to be an open-minded person in everything I do.
Subsequent superintendents, though less fervent in their support, have been open-minded about school choice, according to Mitchell.
The group that uses both methods liberally, and is open-minded about the benefits of each.
While the morality of the war in Iraq is debatable, the reasons for prosecuting it are quite evident to open-minded patriots.
Harvard Law School Professor Kennedy is one of the most intelligent, open-minded thinkers about race and culture in America today.
Personally, I'm open-minded,'' Yanagisawa told reporters on the sidelines of his meetings here with top British financial officials.
A generally open-minded tone is compromised by a few of the authors' prejudices: a tendency to see the architects' loyalties as being inordinately subject to fuzzy environmental priorities and to undefined local public pressure groups.