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Employees in China predisposed to manage conflict open-mindedly and integratively were psychologically healthy both in terms of general and work-specific measures (Tjosvold et al.
Rather, it open-mindedly accepts human error and works toward preventing such errors in the future.
The SDLP must think positively and open-mindedly on this.
Although more research is needed, the Chinese and their international partners appear to be able to use cooperative conflict to discuss their differences open-mindedly and forge productive, market-oriented organizations.
His passion is to build bridges -- between languages, cultures, periods, places, methodologies, disciplines -- and then stride across them, open-mindedly, to see what lies beyond.
Short of money, they approached him for his known skill with low budgets and recycled materials, but they soon found an architect sympathetic to their beliefs and ready to work open-mindedly with them, accepting for example Steiner's ideas about symbolism and colour.
First, managers must enter the process open-mindedly.
But he's also willing to explore other interpretations, calmly and open-mindedly, as if you and he were fellow travelers on an endless trek toward enlightenment.
If businesspeople open-mindedly and thoughtfully read this book, the result could be a more fulfilled, more enlightened, and better respected business community with far fewer ethical infractions.
The situation might seem hopeless were it not for the simple fact that there remain people like Rogers, many of them, one imagines, who are convinced of the value of what they do when taking their students, quietly, seriously, open-mindedly, through works of literature, bringing them to appreciate the works for what they are.
He shows students how to read a text both scrupulously and open-mindedly.
I say we have to communicate open-mindedly and educate ourselves about the true dangers.