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Several of the intellectuals stumping for open-mindedness had been involved in interdisciplinary initiatives during the World Wars.
Open-Mindedness involves continuous evaluation of the operations of organization.
Like the learned historian and scholar that he is, Casey decided to devote the same energy and open-mindedness into researching the viewpoint that Oswald acted alone.
He said: "It demands a lot of open-mindedness, patience and tolerance for new ways and it demands for everyone to be on the same page.
The researchers used several questions from an often-used and validated psychological test to determine open-mindedness.
Dan was selected as a Congress-Bundestag scholar due to his demonstrated academic qualifications, cultural open-mindedness and motivation.
She represents a liberal perspective inspired more by the tradition of American progressives than French postmodernists; the author is strongly influenced by Dewey, and his ideas of play as fostering curiosity, flexibility, open-mindedness, and earnestness.
Offering tantric tips to deepen intimacy and heighten pleasure, the authors call for a certain degree of open-mindedness on the part of their readers.
The doors and windows reminded me of the open-mindedness and the freedom to practise all religions in Bahrain.
It is that enthusiasm and open-mindedness that make all the difference to Teesside.
Former Foreign Minister Slobodan Casule says Macedonia with this initiative show s open-mindedness which is a guarantee for the international community that we are still serious as regards the name issue.
1) between gender factor open-mindedness personality type at 10% error level.