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"We reject your open-mindedness," said the JUI-F chief.
"It's precisely that kind of open-mindedness for diversity that makes up the European community of values.
Caption: Cheesewright: Open-mindedness to diversity is a big competitive edge
Finkelstein suggests that this leads to greater polarization and angst, whereas open-mindedness contributes to better decisions.
This study examines how companies can achieve high performance through certain organizational behaviors (open-mindedness and social networks) and innovation.
Given that few North Americans, to this day, pride themselves on their closed-mindedness, the popularization of open-mindedness is an example of an exceptionally efficacious Western propaganda campaign.
Careers led in the public eye by people who are supposed to be role models are exempt from such open-mindedness.
Sheikh Salman, in a speech at the meeting, praised Al-Azhar institution for its moderate and level-headed approach to promoting Islamic teachings and values, with emphasis on tolerance and eschewal of extremism and non-acceptance of "the other." In a similar speech, Dr Al-Tayeb said that thousands of students from all over the world attend Al-Azhar where they are taught the merits of open-mindedness, lack of prejudice, lack of bias, and respect for others' faiths, creeds, and values.
PwC has identified increasing diversity at all levels as a key priority and the firm runs a range of initiatives to encourage open-mindedness across its workforce, as well as supporting local employment opportunities.
Open-Mindedness in the Bible and Beyond: A Volume of Studies in Honour of Bob Becking
They also applauded the "open-mindedness" of the government to ideas offered by the popular movement, to take advantage of all proposals that can be constructive and positive.
It was heartening to see the leaders of the three civil society groups behind the Yes Equality Campaign: The ICCL, Gay and Lesbain Equality, and Marriage Equality, and the co-directors thank voters yesterday for their courage, open-mindedness and solidarity in the landmark referendum.