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Gum chewing may be quiet, but it's ugly to see, especially when done open-mouthed. It's fine, and even wise, to bring a soothing small bottle of milk or juice for a small restless person.
Last week I sat open-mouthed as the saint of the kitchen, Delia Smith ( she of the Peter Pan collar and the rounded vowels ( yelled on TV, "Let's be having you" at the Norwich fans who she thought weren't pulling their weight.
All we can do in Holy Week is to stand, open-mouthed and empty-handed, saying to ourselves, "This cannot be." Yet the miracle of the Easter season is that it is anyway.
If another male comes too close, the two get into an open-mouthed battle.
Then you feel down in your toes That your eyes are going to close And you start to gulp down air, Open-mouthed, just to prepare To release with practiced ease-- A most satisfying sneeze.
Tape Face - real name Sam Wills - left Simon Cowell and his fellow panelists open-mouthed when he appeared on the first show of the new series on Tuesday evening.
Just when you thought the stock of most politicians could not sink much lower, they get on the campaign stump and leave you open-mouthed yet again with their lies, half truths and distortions.
I seem to spend a lot of time as a motorist either taking evasive action or watching open-mouthed as yet another cyclist takes their life in their hands.
So many aspects of it leave you open-mouthed with disbelief.
Open-mouthed youngsters watched more than 20 dazzling displays including wing-walkers and poignant tribute to the tragic Red Arrows pilot who was killed during a show in England last month.
The study found that people experienced the most positive emotional reactions when they heard spontaneous, open-mouthed laughter, especially if the laughter came from a woman.
"When she told me, I just sat open-mouthed," he said.