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When a group of 28 people listened to nearly 50 bouts of the recorded clips, they gave the most positive ratings to open-mouthed laughter, Owren said.
Dear Editor, - After several bombing attempts in London, one cannot help but be open-mouthed at the continued disingenuousness of Prime Minister Blair who continues to fail to deal with these so-called Muslim clerics who are allowed to remain spewing hate in our midst, whilst drawing state benefits.
Last week I sat open-mouthed as the saint of the kitchen, Delia Smith ( she of the Peter Pan collar and the rounded vowels ( yelled on TV, "Let's be having you" at the Norwich fans who she thought weren't pulling their weight.
All we can do in Holy Week is to stand, open-mouthed and empty-handed, saying to ourselves, "This cannot be.
I THOUGHT we were playing at home last night," gasped Alfie's singer Lee Gorton, open-mouthed and aghast at the warm reception from the fans.
His open-mouthed, white-toothed smile would have seen him hailed the village idiot, rather than the country's foremost statesman.
If another male comes too close, the two get into an open-mouthed battle.
Then you feel down in your toes That your eyes are going to close And you start to gulp down air, Open-mouthed, just to prepare To release with practiced ease-- A most satisfying sneeze.
She was looking at me, open-mouthed, like, 'I want stripper shoes, daddy
I know that you might think that I was trying to evade payment as I dropped to my knees and slithered under the ticket barrier on my stomach on Tuesday night - watched by several open-mouthed commuters - but I wasn't doing a Cherie Blair, honest
In a picture, the child has her arms outstretched with an open-mouthed look, making her appear cheeky.