Open Shop

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Open Shop

A business in which union and nonunion workers are employed. A business in which union membership is not a condition of securing or maintaining employment.

The term open shop is frequently used to imply that the operator of this type of shop is, in effect, exercising discrimination against trade unions and hampering their advancement through the employment of nonunion employees.


Labor Union.

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org) points out, but open-shop contractors and subcontractors are required to prove they are in compliance both before bidding and during construction by submitting certified payroll records.
O'Brien also maintained that the PLA has not stifled competition or discriminated against open-shop contractors, particularly because a major component of the project, the pre-cast concrete, can only be done by unionized workers.
Whether the open-shop requirement extends to the medical-clinical building that is to be a union-only project is open to debate.
WORCESTER - Nonunion construction workers are being shut out of the $563 million CitySquare downtown redevelopment project in violation of federal rules, according to a group that represents open-shop construction companies in Massachusetts.