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And given God's decrees that people must be openhanded toward the needy, of course government should tax citizens and use that money to ensure that the needy are provided with the goods to which they have legitimate claim.
It is not surprising that today this dream is transformed into reality through the generosity of an openhanded visionary, the late Dr.
Earl Roger was not quite so openhanded when it came to endowing his new monastery with lands.
Rather be openhanded and freely lend him whatever he needs.
But this is Southern Iraq, where it was believed that the openhanded British approach was winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.
Even before he had that bad dream, Scrooge was openhanded by comparison to the Reds' rearguard this season.
Would it continue to present itself 'as an openhanded peace mediator, like some resource-rich, specially-exempt Nordic Switzerland, outside the European process of integration' or would it 'finally say yes to membership of the European Union?
For Habermas, then, the most sustainable means of establishing morally valid norms for interpersonal relations in public affairs is the openhanded application of articulate reason in the context of egalitarian efforts to build consensus.
Prymer was preparing to spit on Officer Ogden and that the openhanded stun technique was a reasonable response to prevent Mr.
She vividly characterizes a people who are generous and openhanded and who are devoted to family and to Islam.
Nelles's openhanded and inviting stance is maintained throughout the book.