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Rather be openhanded and freely lend him whatever he needs.
But this is Southern Iraq, where it was believed that the openhanded British approach was winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.
As musical satirist Tom Lehrer put it, "haul out the Dickens / Even though the prospect sickens," and the openhanded message touted by A Christmas Carol wins every year over the quiet esthetic limiting the number of lace veils at Emma's wedding.
Even before he had that bad dream, Scrooge was openhanded by comparison to the Reds' rearguard this season.
Stipulations included the prohibition of theft, maintaining fair weights and measures, leaving gleanings for the poor, being openhanded toward the needy, aiding the orphans and widows, and so forth.
Prymer was preparing to spit on Officer Ogden and that the openhanded stun technique was a reasonable response to prevent Mr.
She vividly characterizes a people who are generous and openhanded and who are devoted to family and to Islam.
Nelles's openhanded and inviting stance is maintained throughout the book.
Ian Hodder and his research team have realized this with their openhanded policy as regards the Catalhoyuk excavations, where day-to-day diaries and basic excavation data are freely available on the Web literally as they come out of the ground, for anyone to consult (Hodder 1999).
His are uncomplicated, openhanded interpretations of technically complex material, framed in sound of a similar design.
Judi Abu Linkat" which I suppose can be explained as derived from the feminine imperative judi "Be openhanded, lady