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In an email to employees, Prof Beer wrote: "We may need to work harder than in the past to demonstrate to our partners throughout the world, in and beyond Europe, that we are an open-minded, openhearted country.
He was openhearted, enthusiastic and twinkly--an angel of a person," Obst said.
Bill has not made a commitment to me, but I know Bill Frist to be a bighearted, openhearted man, and I think he will probably have a different view [than] Lott.
Sioned is a skilled, independent character, openhearted and clear-minded, making Richard's love of battle seem even more pointless and wasteful.
The National Assembly's openhearted policy of giving every pensioner the freedom of Welsh local bus services has had some highly unusual side-effects.
Although Wen is a white witch, her Wiccan spirituality is of the low-key, Earth Goddess-honoring type; meanwhile Mark and Erik are the kind of good-humored, openhearted couple one might wish all prospective parents resembled.
Hitching a ride with an openhearted mother of two young kids, Felix gets them into an accident when he forces her to circumnavigate a town because it voted for the extreme right.
No wonder the faith lends itself easily to stories--Flannery O'Connor's fanatic believers, Powers' calculating priests, Dubus' openhearted yet rock-ribbed accounts of sacraments everywhere and in everyone.
Grant's openhearted, tart, funny and angry insights show his questing and compassionate spirit operating at its unbounded best.
Biggest surprise, though, is the apparent (and apparently new) willingness to address these things in an openhearted way.