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But it is an appropriately serious-minded and openhearted start.
The National Assembly's openhearted policy of giving every pensioner the freedom of Welsh local bus services has had some highly unusual side-effects.
Mal Cooperman's liver cancer had a damn sight more to do with a melanoma that went undiagnosed for two-and-a half years than anything he'd ever done in his openhearted, fun-loving, generous-to-a-fault life.
Request has praised his music, saying "To hear Ketchum's true ability is both revelation and cause for celebration," while Tower Pulse proclaimed, "Ketchum's songs are openhearted and searching, finding a fresh way to tie blues, folk, rock and country together while presenting frank revelations in the music.
Josh's warm sense of humor and his intimate and openhearted songs distinguish his live sets.
Hitching a ride with an openhearted mother of two young kids, Felix gets them into an accident when he forces her to circumnavigate a town because it voted for the extreme right.
No wonder the faith lends itself easily to stories--Flannery O'Connor's fanatic believers, Powers' calculating priests, Dubus' openhearted yet rock-ribbed accounts of sacraments everywhere and in everyone.
She says we need to bring "an openhearted and open-minded questioning into the why and who of our being.
i did not appreciate how beautiful it was and i had never met such openhearted people.
In view of Bernardin,s devastating illness, the future of his call for an openhearted colloquy among Catholics of goodwill is clouded, although he made clear that he has no intention of stepping down as long as his health permits.
For all of Cardinal Kasper's cheap, racist cracks, Britain is a tolerant, openhearted country where everyone's religion is respected.
A self-described "pain in the ass" with an unflinchingly cantankerous writing style, Gauthier is a vivid storyteller with a simple, achy guitar twang, a blue-collar toughness, and an openhearted generosity that invariably leads to tearstained faces at her shows.