opening argument

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Whereas Jonathan's opening argument for leaving is that he was denied speaking time in the European Parliament.
Geithner arrived, an opening argument to his counterparts was that Chinese rules were forcing American companies to surrender their technological jewels just for a ticket to compete in the Chinese market.
In an opening argument against Kasab and two other defendants, prosecutor Ujwal Nikam said the attacks were planned in Pakistan and the main idea behind them was to ''ultimately capture'' Indian Kashmir, disputed territory between India and Pakistan since 1947, Press Trust of India reported.
It is refreshing therefore to find a compact and insightful investigation into this considerable body of poetry, an investigation, scripted by an academic whose long interest in and service to sports literature includes his tenure as editor of this journal, an investigation that accepts as its initial premise that it serves at best as an opening argument, a first-investigation that factors in--indeed insists--on amendment by critical investigations that need to follow, Johnson uses this slender introductory study to set the parameters of investigation.
Echoing Eve Sedgwick's opening argument in Epistemology of the Closet, which he will later quote directly, Michael Keevak contends in Sexual Shakespeare that "the authentic Shakespeare cannot escape being a sexual one" (13).
Having the right look won't close the deal, but it can win the opening argument," says Cheryl Blackwell Bryson, a partner at the Chicago offices of Rivkin, Radler & Kremer law firm.
This video represents a powerful opening argument in the very strong case against this year's most reckless ballot measure.
Spencer was in a coma for months, requires a wheelchair and still has trouble recognizing her family members when they come to visit her at a care facility, prosecutor Erik Hasselman told the jury in his opening argument late Tuesday afternoon.
It was a courtroom full of emotion as the prosecution outlined its case in the opening argument against Northumbria Police constable John Dougal yesterday.
RACING: Kieren Fallon's defence team in a pounds 2million race-fixing trial have told jurors at the Old Bailey that the prosecution opening argument is an "absurd equation".
You need to explain your mindset in your own words,'' one of the lawyers told 38-year-old Mamoru Takuma in a rare opening argument for defense lawyers in a criminal case.
Callahan does not set forth the elements of a successful opening argument, does not comment on how or why the arguments are good or bad, does not analyze at all.