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But he kept his head, and at the end of the time mentioned above he broke off with a sudden conclusion, which, reproducing the opening statement, pleasantly surprised Sir Ethelred by its apparent swiftness and force.
Plaintiffs were required to submit their dispute to the NASD for resolution because they signed an account opening statement which contained a mandatory arbitration clause.
In a stunning opening statement before a San Fernando Superior Court jury, the 45-year-old businessman said the Chatsworth couple is innocent and that police and prosecutors had it wrong in constructing a circumstantial case against them.
In his opening statement, Chung said Casio shot and killed Cendejas after the pair had gone to a party and had an argument on and off throughout the night.
Lord Saville, leading the Inquiry, emphasized the importance of technology in his Opening Statement, and then went on to reiterate, "We have used IT to the greatest extent possible to, in my view, remarkable effect.
During his opening statement, prosecutor Darrell Mavis told the eight- woman, four-man jury he would prove that Terteryan, a member of the Armenian Power gang, and Gevorgyan, a ``wannabe'' gang member, intended to kill.
In her opening statement earlier this month, Jacks told jurors, ``She saw Ken moving around, and made an indecision - no decision.
Each candidate was given five minutes to make an opening statement, then responded to questions from the audience.
The conference call will include an opening statement by EBIZ CEO Dave Shaw and JBSi President Bruce Parsons followed by Q & A.
Senior prosecutor Maeve Fox said in her opening statement that Luster, 38, who lives in the beachside community of Mussel Shoals, ``preys on young, vulnerable women'' by drugging them with gamma hydroxy butyrate, a drug also known as ``Liquid X.
The claim came in an opening statement at the trial of Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, better known as Abu Hamza, who was extradited from the UK in 2012.
The lead attorney for George Zimmerman began his opening statement with a knock-knock joke to the jury that didn't have the panel laughing.