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We do not question each other, we do not complain to each other; we go together openly through open doors.
And to deal more openly with you, I expect every day to hear she is run away with him." "What you tell me, Lady Bellaston," answered his lordship, "affects me most tenderly, and only raises my compassion, instead of lessening my adoration of your cousin.
They laid a cover for him between Mills and Dona Rita, who quite openly removed the envelopes she had brought with her, to the other side of her plate.
Everything having been openly carried on, sir, I will now with your permission take my leave."
But as your brother cannot speak openly in my presence of some proposals of Mr.
In kitchens and sitting rooms, and over back-yard fences women talked of it, and wept openly. On street corners and in store lounging-places the men talked, too, and wept--though not so openly.
It is usually contained in the form of a letter from a Testator to his Executors, privately informing them of testamentary intentions on his part which he has not thought proper openly to acknowledge in his will.
Having doomed spies, doing certain things openly for purposes of deception, and allowing our spies to know of them and report them to the enemy.
But it would be too openly vile, too flagrantly infamous, if I did not at least restore to P--'s son the tens of thousands of roubles spent in curing my idiocy.
I confessed to having had a father (he was then dead) who had been a man of rank; and I owned (just as openly as I owned everything else) that I had never applied to him for help, in resentment of his treatment of my mother.
It was openly criticised and freely discussed at table.
Not a few openly avowed themselves converted to antagonism; the rest needed only a slight stimulus to make a similar avowal.