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For that to happen both clubs and players would have to agree, although Blues manager Steve Cotterill has always been openminded about the situation.
Be openminded when approached on LinkedIn or at networking events.
They want a fair, openminded person doing what is good for Scotland.
You have to stay openminded and things may come at different times but I have to dream big and that is what I am going to be doing.
He said: "I'm openminded but I would want someone who had a focus on Yorkshire and the Northern Powerhouse.
He is correct with his attitude and always openminded to improve and continue being the best goalkeeper in England.
When we formed the Forum for openminded patriots, the goal was to restore democracy in the party and realize the structural reforms.
We have to be openminded but it's more likely his next big objective would be the Jacques le Marois in mid-August, with a prep race before.
We feel that the positive reception to the campaign shows that Filipinos are more openminded and progressive than we're given credit for.
Debenhams, which issued a profits warning on New Year's Eve after poor Christmas trading, said it was openminded about the offer of exploring operational opportunities in order to improve its performance.
His track record of execution and strategic leadership, combined with his openminded approach to problem solving has earned him the respect of employees, customers and partners worldwide.