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It taught me openmindedness; inclusivity; and respect for the land, water, air, and lives that sustain us.
In its continuation, the initiative now concentrates on areas in which the EU needs to develop further, starting with the topics "digital future" and "openmindedness".
"I'm confident she'll lead with a high level of integrity and openmindedness," Marshall said.
Working from a linear script that repeatedly preaches openmindedness and acceptance over prejudice and preconception, Ferdinand spins an engaging yarn that will happily stampede the affections of younger audiences.
The real stand-out feature of the game was not necessarily the change of tactical direction but the openmindedness of his players to accept it and their determination to implement it.
The solution was a curriculum that encouraged and inculcated openmindedness. Practically, this entailed a greater emphasis on skills than content.
Openmindedness to diversity is crucial (Outten, 2012).
The Court did not decide whether openmindedness could ever be a compelling state interest, but it rejected the interest as presented in White, finding the state regulation to be "woefully underinclusive." (27) The state law banned campaign statements ostensibly as a way of promoting openmindedness, but "statements in election campaigns are such an infinitesimal portion of the public commitments to legal positions that judges (or judges-to-be) undertake, that this object of the prohibition is implausible." (28)
If twenty-two percent of the bankers in this study were given the opportunity to hire their own manager, it is quite clear that temperament (Openmindedness, Agreeableness) and character (Conscientiousness and Fairness) would guide their decision.