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Working from a linear script that repeatedly preaches openmindedness and acceptance over prejudice and preconception, Ferdinand spins an engaging yarn that will happily stampede the affections of younger audiences.
The real stand-out feature of the game was not necessarily the change of tactical direction but the openmindedness of his players to accept it and their determination to implement it.
The solution was a curriculum that encouraged and inculcated openmindedness.
Openmindedness to diversity is crucial (Outten, 2012).
The Court did not decide whether openmindedness could ever be a compelling state interest, but it rejected the interest as presented in White, finding the state regulation to be "woefully underinclusive.
In the case of the nature of the desired relationship with their own manager, it is somewhat instructive to combine the bankers' "My manager" oriented frequencies for Openmindedness (.
That renewed sense of purpose seems to have come at the right time, as the off-kilter beats and lyrical velocity always present in grime began to coincide with a growing sonic openmindedness in American hip-hop.
If there is a possibility that an arbitrator is exposed to facts or legal arguments in one case that might affect his objectivity and openmindedness with regard to the facts and issues to be decided in another, he runs the risk of disqualification," the report advises.