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When she opens her mouth, it is tragical, but you cannot help thinking of a horse.
Let us, then, all take hold together, with all our might, and see what we can do with this new enterprise, and the whole splendid continent of Africa opens before us and our children.
Every time a German opens his mouth an ALSO falls out; and every time he shuts it he bites one in two that was trying to GET out.
We talked along, and he got out a little hand-bag and begun to open it, and told us to turn our backs.
Through my means, He opens to you a noble career; as my wife only can you enter upon it.
THE warm sunlight of July shining softly through a green blind; an open window with fresh flowers set on the sill; a strange bed, in a strange room; a giant figure of the female sex (like a dream of Mrs.
A dark store-room opens out of it, and that is a place to be run past at night; for I don't know what may be among those tubs and jars and old tea-chests, when there is nobody in there with a dimly-burning light, letting a mouldy air come out of the door, in which there is the smell of soap, pickles, pepper, candles, and coffee, all at one whiff.
A great event in my life, the turning point of my life, now opens on my view.
Ah, London, London, our delight, Great flower that opens but at night, Great city of the midnight sun, Whose day begins when day is done .
Which way I flie is Hell; my self am Hell; And in the lowest deep a lower deep Still threatning to devour me opens wide, To which the Hell I suffer seems a Heav'n.
He who first opens Chaucer, or any other ancient poet, is so much struck with the obsolete spelling, multiplied consonants, and antiquated appearance of the language, that he is apt to lay the work down in despair, as encrusted too deep with the rust of antiquity, to permit his judging of its merits or tasting its beauties.
Here,' he said, taking a key from the little bag of life and death, `here is the little bronze key that opens the two ebony caskets on the mantelpiece in the Louis-Philippe room.