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She describes a sentimental visit with him for his 90th birthday when they explored a steamer trunk filled with the Walker women's mirrors, opera glasses, letters and other items she remembered, as he retold stories of their origins, passing the duty to share them on to her.
It may be used as hands-free opera glasses and may be of interest to hunters, police or military personnel who would like the ability to quickly and easily achieve a hands-free magnified view.
Another presidential memento, the opera glasses Abe Lincoln was holding when he was shot at the theatre in 1865, made pounds 296,500 at the same Christie's sale in New York.
There were also many optical instruments produced in the 19th Century, including telescopes, opera glasses, spy glasses and microscopes, which are particularly desirable at auction today.
Meanwhile, 10 million visitors - 10 times as many as dust down their opera glasses - go through museum doors every year.
From the fluffy ostrich fan and mother-of-pearl opera glasses to the cool, ivory mah-jongg tiles and miniature enameled King Tut charms from Egypt, each item became a secret-filled genie's lamp waiting to be rubbed.
If a standard pair is too bulky, consider picking up compact opera glasses.
One elderly gentleman, a shade ostentatiously, used opera glasses.
Armed with a notebook and a pair of opera glasses, I have fearlessly followed the main contenders in training.
JFK bought his wife Jackie a diamond starburst brooch; Yul Brynner showed great taste (and wealth) buying a Faberg clock and Bing Crosby stopped by for a pair of gem-set opera glasses.
There are also some rather natty opera glasses for pounds 12.