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Her discussion of the codes of conduct in loges relating to matters of dress and the employment of opera glasses makes particularly interesting reading.
Along with a ballpoint and opera glasses, they have become standard equipment for dance-going.
Seen as if through opera glasses or a camera lens, the closely cropped canvas is his first full-scale treatment of a dance performance.
But tickets are being snapped up and Mr Ireson said: "When we say that all our front row seats have been sold out, some of the ladies buying tickets further back have been asking for opera glasses.
In an elegant apartment nearby, she remembers being mesmerized for hours by her late grandmother's vanity, covered in mauve silk and filled with jeweled mirrors and opera glasses.
People brought binoculars and opera glasses to get a better look.
Props included opera glasses, Groucho Marx nose glasses, and jewelry.
There are several models, ranging from 4x12 opera glasses to 10x25 minis for hunters.
In a tone that is decidedly mock-epical, the speaker describes the bon vivant at a concert as he strides down the aisle to his seat in row A and majestically pulls out his opera glasses amid the laughter of the crowd.
From the general-interest standpoint, Binoculars, Opera Glasses, and Field Glasses by Fred Watson of the Anglo-Australian Observatory is considerably more restricted than Seyfried's book.
We offer 15 good reasons for dusting off the backpack, opera glasses, and water wings.