operate jointly

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The Lynx from its homeport of Delfzijl will operate jointly with the 2016 delivered Damen ASD Tug 3212 Mars in Eemshaven and Delfzijl, assisting bulk carriers and tankers calling on behalf of clients we also service in other ports.
The Lithuanian Armed Forces and units subordinate to the Interior Ministry will train to operate jointly during Lightning Strike 2017, this year's largest national military exercise kicking off in Marijampole and Vilkaviskis, in the southwestern part of the country, on Friday, April 28.
Each combatant command includes forces from all the services, which operate jointly.
The aim of large scale exercises which is being conducted with the participation of 8,500 soldiers, is to make troops and garrisons to gain the ability to operate jointly and to increase their training level .
The partners will operate jointly Trent's Star Bazaars in the western states of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Trent added.
One important question that should be asked and answered is, what is the navy able to do that would enable it to operate jointly with Canada's air and land powers?
By contrast, it held that freedom of establishment is at odds with provisions in force in 2007 (but abolished in 2010) that prohibit biologists from holding shares in more than two companies formed in order to operate jointly one or more biomedical analysis laboratories.
and United Kingdom forces will continue to operate jointly with the Iraqi navy to provide training and assistance in support of future security transfers in accordance with a security agreement, to include Iraq's other key oil platform, the Al Basrah Oil Platform.
There have been important positive developments during this period: Taiwan's armed services have improved their capability to operate jointly, and Taiwan has put civilians in charge of the military.
Protemix will operate jointly in the United States and New Zealand," explains Cooper, a well-known research scientist in New Zealand who established Protemix more than a decade ago.
All Nippon Airways (ANA) and United Airlines said Tuesday they will double the weekly number of flights they will operate jointly in the United States under code-sharing arrangements to 510, from Jan.