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Later, it is true, the Brazilians launched a flying-machine of a type and scale that was capable of dealing with an airship, but they built only three or four, they operated only in South America, and they vanished from history untraceably in the time when world-bankruptcy put a stop to all further engineering production on any considerable scale.
When I had grown to sufficient size, I was required to go to the "big house" at meal-times to fan the flies from the table by means of a large set of paper fans operated by a pulley.
At one end is a mighty revolving drill operated by an engine which Perry said generated more power to the cubic inch than any other engine did to the cubic foot.
And then," continued the old man, "the element of time, or, rather, lack of time, operated to my advantage.
She had watched from her window the opening and closing of the gate that led from the enclosure out into the fields and she knew how the great latch operated.
The man who had operated without the quiver of a finger, when not only his patient's life but his own reputation and future were at stake, was now shaken to the soul by a mislaid book or a careless maid.
It was all wheels and cogs and oil-cups - a clever mechanism operated by automatons.
Had it been my machine I'd have operated it with a carpenter's hammer.
Whether any of these motives operated on the doctor, we will not determine; but so the fact was.