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Nanaimo a 35-bed shelter operated by the Nanaimo Womens Resource Society.
CRA Performance Record of Old Wachovia Bank--As noted above, Old Wachovia Bank received an overall rating of "outstanding" from the OCC at its last CRA performance evaluation, including separate "outstanding" ratings for its performance in each of the five states and two multistate MSAs where it operated during the evaluation period.
98-D64, June 16, 1998, the PRRB affirmed the denial of a new provider exemption (and HHS did not reverse), concluding that the Medicaid-only nursing facility (NF) had "operated as the type of provider (or the equivalent) for which it is certified for Medicare" for less than three full years.
(the GPU subsidiary that originally operated TMI) for falsifying leak-rate data.
It also will codeshare on flights to Innsbruck and Geneva operated by Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Air Lines respectively.
The IRS argued that RSS was not operated exclusively for charitable purposes because it operated for the benefit of private parties and failed to benefit a broad cross-section of the community.
That flight will be operated with the 75-seat CRJ-705 and Montreal-LAX will see 13 roundtrips a week this winter compared with seven last year.
Brenton Bank has been in existence and continuously operated for the minimum period required under state law.
However, if a party controls or uses the nonprofit organization's activities or assets for its benefit and the benefit is not incidental to the accomplishment of the exempt purposes, the organization fails to be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes.
Tack said he sees a lot of tenants just giving up, saying they cannot afford to operated. The ones who can pay, he added, are moving out because there are good deals to be made just outside of the city on Long Island, in Westchester an New Jersey.
Air traffic at UK airports recovered from last Thursday's security alert, with the number of cancellations already easing drastically by Friday.British Airways operated a "near normal" schedule, with 70% of its scheduled short-haul and domestic services to and from London Heathrow departing as well as all long-haul flights with the exception of six services to the US.