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The current exclusive service contract prohibits it from operating aircraft with more than 50 seats.
Operating expenses for high-rise condominiums (17 percent of the survey sample) increased 17.
The Padded Cell technology implements a "virtual computer" in a user-mode application running on top of the INTEGRITY operating system.
For the patients, the anticipation of going to the operating room is an anxiety-provoking event.
The Supreme Court said the Fourth Circuit was wrong in its holding that no part of the consolidated group's net operating loss qualified for the special 10-year carryback for product liability expenses.
s experience with both wet and dry emissions control, you can compare operating costs to decide what's best for your operation: updating or changing your emission systems or doing nothing at all.
0, the next versions of the operating system that runs on more than 90 percent of the world's newly shipped personal computers.
11, you are running what the industry calls a 16-bit operating system.
Today, every firm has to build an operating asset insurance program that guarantees protection against potential losses at the best possible price.
The annual statement of operating expenses for the base year serves as the foundation for calculating operating expense escalations for all future escalation years during the lease term.
Data uploads and downloads were demonstrated and the results were confirmed with the aircraft operating at a variety of altitudes, airspeeds and configurations, the company said.