operating company

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If the tolerance is exceeded at an individual operating company or in aggregate, A.
New and existing operating company creditors are being provided additional protections in the form a covenant package that includes limitations on additional indebtedness, a negative pledge on assets and a six-month debt service reserve account.
Says John Matze: "Siafu's sophisticated but easily managed iSCSI storage finally delivers what mid-sized businesses like J-W Operating Company have been waiting for: IP storage with high-end features delivered at IP prices.
Debt service of holding company debt will rely on residual operating cash flow from the operating company in the form of dividends.
MSGI's Innalogic operating company is focusing on providing its SecureCom(TM) custom-designed broadband wireless network, software, and advanced integration surveillance and security applications for critical facilities for energy companies in Trinidad and Tobago.
Tiete's operating cost structure is low and relatively stable, and operating company debt service is easily manageable.
Fitch's rating action on the wireline operating company debt reflects our confidence that the transaction will ultimately attain approval and that the capitalization structure and credit protection metrics of the new wireline business will not be consistent with the current ratings of Alltel.
Upon consummation of the merger of Caesars with and into Harrah's Operating Company, Harrah's Operating Company assumed all of Caesars' obligations under the Notes and the Indentures governing the Notes.
A Best's FSR and Issuer Credit Rating (ICR) are assigned to an operating company based on a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative assessment of the entity's financial strength and operating characteristics.
As a result of Unilever's decision to set up one single operating company in each country, it was also decided in the Netherlands to combine the three existing operating companies.
To be included, an operating company or REIT must be an equity owner and operator of commercial or residential real estate and must generate at least 75 percent of its revenue from such assets or operations.
These outside directors are recruited not for their names, their reputations or their "contacts"; they are recruited for their intellect, their experience, their willingness to get deeply involved in an entrepreneurial enterprise (which is the essence of each Acordia operating company), and their willingness to develop the operating company CEOs to their full potential.