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If regulations allow you to keep or update your wet system by making simple, less costly modifications, you might want to bite the bullet on operating costs.
This example illustrates how working capital is one of the best indicators of underlying inefficiency within an organization and why it is critical that senior executives remain focused on addressing the primary causes of working capital excesses to control operating costs and remain competitive.
Smaller owners are always more impacted, but at this point, the larger owners are also feeling the pain because, over the last three years, we have had a 30% increase in operating costs, as measured by the board--it's been more than that--and the board has increased rents by just over 10 percent," said Freund.
16 per pound of this increase in operating costs is attributable to increases in the estimated prices of sulfuric acid (90% increase), power (55% increase) and diesel fuel (82% increase).
Related net operating costs for the second quarter were a record low $7.
The DSM program provides project installation services that improve energy efficiency, often resulting in reduced operating costs.
topped the list, which ranked cities according to the average annual operating costs of a local business, the city's cost of living index, building permit growth, underemployment rate change and crime rate per 100,000 people.
A DOAS, on the other hand, provides only the amount of outside air needed for each space, thus reducing the operating costs.
1, as the agency aims to cover operating costs with rate fees rather than rely on county tax revenues, said CLWA General Manager Dan Masnada.
132(e)(2) provides that an employer's operation of an eating facility will be treated as a de minimis fringe benefit if the (1) facility is on or near its business premises and (2) facility's revenues equal or exceed its direct operating costs on an annual basis; see Regs.
com, e-business flexibility no longer leads to increased operating costs.

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