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At today's copper price, the options effectively reduce our operating costs by a further seven cents per pound in the third quarter," concluded Mr.
s experience with both wet and dry emissions control, you can compare operating costs to decide what's best for your operation: updating or changing your emission systems or doing nothing at all.
Copper production is expected to commence in the second half of 2006 at an annual rate of 70 million pounds per year of LME Grade A cathode at an average life-of-mine cash operating cost of $0.
With this @Road Field Asset Management module, our customers can better plan for, proactively schedule and easily track key field asset maintenance activities and services that can help them reduce overall operating costs," said Leo Jolicoeur, @Road chief marketing officer.
The DSM program provides project installation services that improve energy efficiency, often resulting in reduced operating costs.
topped the list, which ranked cities according to the average annual operating costs of a local business, the city's cost of living index, building permit growth, underemployment rate change and crime rate per 100,000 people.
A DOAS, on the other hand, provides only the amount of outside air needed for each space, thus reducing the operating costs.
The rate change also accounts for future increases in CLWA operating costs, officials said.
The value of all meals provided at an employer-operated eating facility will be deemed to equal 150% of the facility's direct operating costs.
SAP is unique in its ability to consolidate e-business solutions onto one database, which can dramatically lower the operating costs for companies fully embracing e-business.

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