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When added to operating expenses, the value-added bar has now been raised to more than 2%.
A landlord should apply the operating expense provisions of the lease in accordance with standard accounting principles and practices.
Figure 40: Company COGS operating expense ratio analysis (% total revenues), 2002-06e
There are two primary types of leases when it comes to a discussion of escalations: Net leases, in which the tenant is responsible for all operating and some or all capital costs; and Gross leases, in which the tenant is only responsible for increases in operating expenses above some predetermined base.
The purpose of the gross-up language is to protect tenants by adjusting actual base year operating expenses and real estate taxes to reflect the costs that would have been incurred if the building were fully-occupied and fully-assessed.
Operating expenses in the December 1992 quarter totaled $3.
Operating Expenses: Operating expenses are highest in San Francisco, at S6.
From an owner's point of view, Felsten said in an article for the Real Property Law Section Newsletter, the operating expense escalation does not operate effectively because of disputes, differing based years and defaults by tenants.
In addition to higher operating expenses, significant non-cash items are included in our net loss for the three and six month periods ended June 30, 2006 compared to the respective periods in 2005.
Ongoing credit concerns include moderate airline concentration in Delta Air Lines, ongoing capital needs and high recent growth in operating expenses.
She then asked them how they could cut operating expenses by an additional 5 to 7 percent in ways that would have minimal impact on resident quality of care or quality of life.
No passive loss limitations: Partners can fully deduct their share of the partnership's operating expenses (such as rent, salaries, office expenses and professional and management fees), without regard to the passive loss limitations.

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