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The duration of hospitalisation and the rate of complications are lower in the retroperitoneal approach, though this approach enables a limited and narrow operating field.
HEADCAM [TM] combines a headlight with a video documentation system, which includes a monitor to display the surgeon's operating field in real time exactly the way he or she sees it.
A monitor displays the surgeon's operating field in real time exactly as he or she sees it.
Army medical department had developed an effective system for operating field hospitals and an ambulance corps.
Oil and gas production involves a range of activities such as exploration, drilling and completing wells, operating extraction facilities (including offshore platforms of various types), operating field gathering lines (including subsea lines), and desilting works.
Electronic auction: purchase of hemostatic resorbable material, medical adhesive for strengthening joints and anastomoses, systems of disposable hoses for suction and irrigation to ultrasonic dissector sonoca 300, films for the protection of the operating field
The Kingdom is also operating field hospitals in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip.
In the beach-chair position ideal patient positioning is achieved, resulting in unobstructed surgical access to the operating field.
the "Company" or "FOX-TEK")(TSX VENTURE:FOX), a developer of patented fiber optic sensing products, announced today that it has successfully implemented a second operating field test installation with Saudi Aramco.

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