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The contract is for the supply of occupancy of the operating field and accessories treatments.
Package 4 - Sterile suction sets the operating field
For surgeons like Sharpe, such precision holds certain advantages in the huge realm of laparoscopic surgery and the small sphere of his operating field.
In hysteroscopy procedures where the surgeon's ability to see the operating field and manipulate tissues is greatly limited, the sense of touch is essential for doing effective but safe surgery, and it is also essential in producing realistic surgical simulations," said Wm.
Contract notice: Delivery occupancy of the operating field and accessories treatment for a period of 24 months.
This demonstration project takes the process one step further and encompasses 10 percent of the operating field at Midale.
Surgeons will have the flexibility to change probes and collimators immediately in the sterile operating field.
Contract notice: Supply of disposable medical clothing and reusable, occupancy of the operating field, napkins, covers medical devices, masks, caps, shoes operating sewing kits in 36 packages.
Surgeons can change probes immediately in the operating field as a procedure requires.

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