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conj. either; in the alternative. It is often vital to distinguish between "or" and "and." Example: Title to the Cadillac written "Mary or Bill Davidson" means either one could transfer the car, but if written "Mary and Bill Davidson," both must sign to change title.


n. short for "own recognizance," meaning the judge allowed a person accused in a criminal case to go free pending trial without posting bail. A person so released is often referred to as having been "OR-ed." (See: own recognizance)

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OR. This syllable in the termination of words has an active signification, and usually denotes the doer of an act; as, the grantor, he who makes a grant; the vendor, he who makes a sale; the feoffor, he who makes a feoffment. Litt. s. 57; 1 Bl. Com. 140, n.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Customizations available in the new Admin Console make it possible to automate several of the many configurations necessary to efficiently run operating rooms. Current options include surgeon-to-specialty mapping, block-owner mapping, and room configuration restrictions that reserve rooms for particular procedures.
But anecdotally, she has noticed a change since the operating rooms became smoke-free in May.
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The main objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of supply airflow rate or air change rate per hour (ACH) on the airflow patterns, temperature distribution, and on the probable flow path of airborne particulates in a typical operating room. This study also evaluates the effect of supply airflow rates on the acceleration of centerline velocity of the supply air jet from the laminar diffusers.
Myeloperoxidase activity and lipid hydroperoxide levels were significantly higher in operating room personnel than in the non-operating room personnel (pless than 0.001; pless than 0.001), while catalase activity and sulfhydryl group levels were significantly lower (pless than 0.009; pless than 0.003).
However, the high airflow requirements of the operating room makes these inefficiencies far greater than those that occur by oversizing the system above what is required to meet the space cooling load.
Operating room nurses are a group of medical science students who are working in hospital operation sections, emergencies, clinics and doctor offices in a close relation with nominated patients for operation, patients' family and other members of health care team [2].
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