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Wright, Eleanor Anderson, RN (90) died on December 19, 2012 A graduate of St Luke's Hospital Denver School of Nursing in 1943, she served as a 2nd LT in the US Army as an operating room nurse.
The idea of the SmartSponge System dates back to the mid-90s when Sharon Morris, RN, a co-founder of the company was working as an operating room nurse traveling to different medical institutions and experiencing the methods for counting sponges and instruments during procedures.
Input from the anesthesiologists, operating room nurse manager, operating room clinical leaders, and schedulers must be included to look at the operational implications of the results of the tactical analysis.
Subsequent checking confirmed that the operating room nurse inadvertently administered rocuronium instead of cefazolin.
Donna Smith, 332nd EMDG chief operating room nurse.
But what I did know--from her stories as a nursing student at Georgetown University, then as an operating room nurse at Greenwich (Conn.
The acquired assets also include FutureNurse, published twice a year for 100,000 nursing students, the annual magazines Careers, Operating Room Nurse, Critical Care Nurse, Emergency Nursing and Ned/Surg Nursing, NurseWeek eXtra weekly online newsletter, related events and a web site.
Cornell, who has 15 years' experience as an operating room nurse, attends each doctor's appointment with the patient and reviews all medication the patient takes.
Cleanhands was the subject of a study published in the August 1998 issue of Association of Operating Room Nurse (AORN) Journal that documents the product's exceptional persistent germ-killing efficacy.
Largely overlooked, though, are the story's only heroes: an operating room nurse who treated Louima, and Magalie Laurent, a Haitian-born R.
The California Supreme Court ruled that an operating room nurse who was not the object of any sexual harassment but who had witnessed the harassment had grounds for a suit since she objected to a physician's sexual misconduct (Fisher v.
Having been an operating room nurse since 1979, I have seen the results of our obesity epidemic.

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