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During operation code Bia Daralam, 135 terrorists including local terrorists commanders Murad, Alam Shah, Habib ur Rehman and Tehseen were killed.
The swoop was part of a police operation code named Pentameter Two aimed at cracking down on prostitution and human trafficking.
The 30-strong team of detectives has been targeting the cartel for two years, in an operation code named Anuric,after picking up intelligence about their dealings in the UK.
Mr Turner said police officers from Merseyside had spent months observing the movements of a number of men as part of an operation code named McArthur.
Contract notice: Selection of consulting firms and business centers for entrepreneurship development, the project "support for enterprising - part iii", the operation code bg051po001-1.
Today Merseyside police revealed how officers used an elaborate scheme to catch the thieves and their accomplices in a 16- month operation code named Turbo.

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