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OPERATIVE. A workman; one employed to perform labor for another.
     2. This word is used in the bankrupt law of 19th August, 1841, s. 5, which directs that any person who shall have performed any labor as an operative in the service of any bankrupt shall be entitled to receive the full amount of wages due to him for such labor, not exceeding twenty-five dollars; provided that such labor shall have been performed within six months next before the bankruptcy of his employer.
     3. Under this act it has been decided that an apprentice who had done work beyond a task allotted to him by his master, commonly called overwork, under an agreement on the part of the master to pay for such work, was entitled as an operative. 1 Penn. Law Journ. 368. See 3 Rob. Adm. R. 237; 2 Cranch, 240 270.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Decreased serum calcium level was achieved post operatively in all cases and no residual disease or recurrence was encountered on follow up.
In this age group less number of eyes has improved to >0.33 LogMAR, more number of eyes has vision less than 0.1 Log Mar post operatively.
In our study Average KSS pre operatively was 33.34 and post-operative average KSS was 87.7.
Effective post-operative nutrition is integral for the well being and recovery of the patient and administration of enteral nutrition post operatively depends on the expertise of the surgeon and the available resources12.
In our study the mean level of CA-125 was found very high pre operatively 60.5 +-46.4 whereas post operatively after 6 weeks it was found at 27.5 +-17.5 IU/ ml and this decrease in means was found statistically significant (1,000 IU/ml.12 The premenopausal patients having CA-125 level >200 IU/ml and adnexal mass, should be referred for surgical evaluation to gynecologic oncologist.13 There is abundance of literature on CA-125 level investigated as a diagnostic tool and monitoring medical treatment, however, data on pre and post operative levels is deficient.
Group 2 included six operatively treated patients (54%), five of whom underwent internal fixation of the distal ulna fracture with either Kirschner wires or a plate and screw construct (2 type A, 1 type B, 2 type D), and 1 patient who underwent acute Darrach-type resection of the distal ulna (type D).
This study found a lower incidence of pain after one visit endodontics (18%) as compared to the two visit group (24%) that was statistically significant at 12 and 24 hours post operatively. These results are in agreement with those of Steinder11 who observed that a significantly higher incidence of post obturation pain was found in the two visit group as compared to the one visit group.
This study was done to compare the effect of early oral feeding versus delayed oral feeding after cesarean section in terms of time of return to bowel movement, to regular diet, duration of intravenous fluids, hospital stay and post operatively gastrointestinal effects.
Studies have found that 98% of women's expectations following breast augmentation surgery are either met or exceeded post operatively. The series continues in the days proceeding surgery, starting with Day 2 after surgery, in which the patient is pleasantly surprised with her low level of pain and discomfort.
Inferior turbinectomy using laser is minimally invasive; it can be done under local anesthesia, it is carried as a day case surgery with much less blood loss and usually there is no need for nasal packing post operatively. For all these reasons it is more convenient to the patients.
The brush is comprised of a handle with a motor disposed therein; a head with a longitudinal axis; a tilted bristle holder that oscillates or rotates; a set of bristles associated with the bristle holder wherein the motor is operatively connected to bristle holder; and a shaft connected to the motor and to the bristle holder.
Of the 255 patients with NEC who were treated operatively and 180 who were managed nonoperatively at Children's Hospital during 1970-1990, Dr.